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Step 4: Confirming details with your CSMS Coordinator

What you need to know

In order to help you best arrange the logistics for your event, your CSMS Coordinator may need to discuss the following details with you.

Info about your guests:

  • Number of guest attending the event.
  • What are the demographics of your group? (i.e. adults, children, mixed).
    • Will this matter to your program set up needs?
  • Will there be disabled guests who will require special accommodations?
  • Will there be guests coming from off campus?
    • If so, will you need signage to get them to the location of your program, or will you provide maps for them?
      • If signage is needed, do you want to arrange this with an off campus company, or do you want signs made on campus?
        • If on campus – LINK to sign fees document

Info about your guests parking arrangements:

  • Will your guests need a parking pass to avoid getting a ticket?
  • Is there any VIP or special needs parking required?
  • How will guests arrive to campus? (i.e. car, bus, etc.)
    • Is there a need to arrange for Campus Police to direct traffic?
    • Will buses need to be parked on campus?
  • How many vehicles do you expect to have on campus?

Info about the safety and comfort of your guests:

  • Do you plan to have candles at your event?
  • Do you plan to have tents for your event?
    • If so, a Fire permit must be obtained (Fee for this varies on size of tent).
  • Do you intend to set up a stage?
    • If so, there may be a need for a Stage permit to be obtained, depending on location and size of stage.
  • Will Campus Police Services be required for security (collection of money), traffic control, and/or potential for demonstration?
  • Will you have any special needs guests that may require the aide of a sign language interpreter?


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