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Step 1: Booking your event space

What you need to know

As you begin to prepare for your event, please know the following:

  • Type of program you are having (i.e. lecture, banquet, class).
  • Date and time of your event.
  • Alternate date and time of event, should first choice not be available, or if you are scheduling an event during the time of year when inclement weather may cause a campus shut down.
  • Start time and end time of your event.
  • Amount of time (if any) you will need for set up or break down after the event is over.
  • Title of your event – What are you calling your program (so people can locate it and /or so it can be published on the calendar, etc.)
  • How many rooms do you need?

Request Your Space

Login to Book It! @ TCNJ


  • There is a charge to use space in the Brower Student Center. If you are booking a space in this location, you will need to contact your Campus Space Management Services (CSMS) coordinator and provide your PeopleSoft Chart field information – Fund, Class, Dept. ID, program or grant. Account to be charged is 54000.
  • Some spaces (such as in the Library, Performance Venues, Brower Student Center, and the Business Building Student Lounge) must be approved by the space owners of these locations. Please put your request in through the system; if it is available, your CSMS coordinator will place the space on hold for you and touch base with you with further instructions.
  • Academic spaces on campus cannot be confirmed until two weeks into each semester, as these spaces must be available for the academic classes first. Please still put your request for space into the system; it will be processed on a first come-first serve basis as soon as the spaces are released for booking. Reservations for academic spaces on weekends and Wednesdays when there are no classes will be booked earlier.
  • If you are booking a room and will use the room “as is” in whatever normal set up the room has, and if you require no other services for your event, then you are done.
  • If you are booking a room and will require additional services (such as room set up, catering, media, telecommuncations, computer access, etc.) please proceed to Step 2.


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