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Extra Staffing

What you need to know

Some events require extra staffing to be hired to open or close a location, to set up or break down the location, or to maintain the space during an event. All events must take place in such a manner as to not disturb normal operations of the College campus.

In the Brower Student Center:

The BSC has its own equipment which is set up by the students who work in that building.

  • Student staff must be hired for any event that is scheduled to begin earlier than 8am or that is scheduled to end after the building’s normal business hours (this varies based on time of year).
  • Additionally, extra staffing may be required if a room needs to be set up with less than 3 hours in between the previous event or the next event that has been previously scheduled.

Outside of the Brower Student Center:

For events which take place on campus in locations other than BSC, the Department of Building Services has a set up crew which is responsible for preparing a room for event use.

  • Building Services staff must be hired to set up any events which require tables, chairs, coat racks or small pieces of staging. If this set up can be done during normal business hours (7am to 3pm), then charges may be waived. If set up is required to be completed before or after these hours, staff must be hired to do this work.
  • Additionally, fees may be applied to hire this staff if the location being used must be reset for the next day’s events or classes.
  • Building Services is also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the campus. Staff may need to be hired to clean a location before or during event, especially in Performance Venues (Music and Kendall Halls).


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